Public Works

(given in Ceramega-exhibition), Valkeakosken City Hall

Swords, (group: Auvinen – Ollila – Laapotti)
Päivölän opisto, Valkeakoski, Finland

Wall Work ”Metamorphosis”, Pharmacy of Säkylä, Finland
Dimensions of parts: 65cmx65cm, 65cmx91cm, 65cmx117cm, 65cmx143cm

”Metamorphosis tells the story of symbols behind a logo of AFP (Association of Finnish Pharmacies). In logo there is a cup and a snake in middle of green cross. Symbols date back to Hygieia, Greek goddess and the daughter of Aesculapius. Hygieia is the goddess of health and cleanliness, and her cup is pharmacy symbol. In the work AFP logo changes through metamorphosis to Hygieia.
There is different kind of color areas in the work. They are patterns from microscopic pictures of plants. The work contains almost 1,600 laser cut acrylic pieces.”
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Metamorfoosi 2011 l05 l03 l01l02