Ceramics of the Iron Age in Finland -exhibition
-Hämeenlinnan Kaupunkiuutiset ”Ceramics of the Iron Age were beautiful and practical”
(in Finnish) 27.03.2010
-Hämeen Sanomat ”Piela Auvinen dove to Iron Age” (in Finnish) 26.03.2010

Laitila, Untamala:
-Vakka-Suomen Sanomat “Iron Age Peek in Untamala” (in Finnish) 30.06.2009
-Laitilan Sanomat “Piela works like an Iron Ages ceramist” (in Finnish) 30.06.2009

-Länsi-Suomi ”Students molded clay like in the ancient times” (in Finnish) 13.09.2007
-Alasatakunta ”Clays journey from ground to vessel” (in Finnish) 13.09.2007
-Alasatakunta ”Life of a Ceramist in Iron Age” (in Finnish) 21.06.2007
-Turun sanomat ”Piela was trapped to Ancient Ceramics in Childhood”
(in Finnish) 10.01.2007
-Alasatakunta ”Ceramics of Iron Age based on findings from Luistari graveyard”
(in Finnish) 09.01.2007
-Länsi-Suomi ”Iron Ages Ceramics in Exhibition of Piela Auvinen” (in Finnish) 06.01.2007
-Satakunnan kansa ”Ceramist from Iron Age lived with in the mercy of nature”
(in Finnish) 06.01.2007

Nasus ad Infinitum -city-installation
-YLE Häme ”There is a Code Word behind Nose Trees in Hämeenlinna” (in Finnish) 05.10.2010
-YLE Häme ”Nose Trees were a Trick from of Female Students” (in Finnish) 23.09.2010
-Hämeen Sanomat ”Riddle of Nose Trees solved” (in Finnish) 22.09.2010
-Hämeen Sanomat ”Nose Trees appeared in Hämeenlinna” (in Finnish) 21.09.2010

Metamorphosis -wall work
-Apteekkari “From Pharmacy logo to Greek goddess” (in Finnish) 7-8/2011
-Jokilaakso ”Pharmacy Services improved in Säkylä” (in Finnish) 28.04.2011

-Yle Häme “Medieval schoolday brought knigts to Hattula” (in Finnish) 20.08.2010
-Satakunnan kansa ”Mystery behind Idol non-solved”  (in Finnish) 04.07.2005
-Markku Lehmuskallio and Anastasia Lapsui “Earth Evocation” 2009, as an Expert of Ceramics of the Stone Age in Finland
-Piela Auvinen ”Ceramics of the Iron Age in Finland” 2006, writer, artist, narrator, director, editor, musician