Artist statement

Piela Auvinen (born 1981) is artist, ceramist and vocational teacher in the cultural field from Leteensuo, Hattula, Finland. She uses and explores clay diversely with different techniques in her works. Essential in her works is experimentation, material research, mastering technique and also often playfulness.

Auvinen is an emphatic observer and representor of human being and human mind. She often wants to enable touching in her works. Auvinen is multi-talent in cultural field, eternal student, uncompromising, ambitious and always wants to go further and deeper. Openness, open-mindedness, curiosity and interest of different phenomena gives themes to her works. Clay, as a embodiment of artistic communication, has travelled alongside her from childhood and significance of this material grows stronger year after year for her.

Her works have been, among other things, in NÄKYMÄ 2015 – Utopia (Toijala, Finland), MAISEMA 2015 (SKjL thematic exhibition Pieksämäki, Finland), Washen – Kasvu 2016 (Celle, Germany), Särö-Sprickan-Fracture 2016 (Exhibition of Nordic Art Association in Finland, Loviisa, Finland). Auvinen has been in jury of Collector Coin Committee as an expert of design and she has been successful in material research of clay and also as a manufacturer of historical ceramic reconstructions in Finland.