I did the first tableware order with varying degrees of success in 2002 at Laitila Youth pottery workshop. Throwing 150 shot glasses took a long time because throwing a serie wasn’t so easy. I’ve been practicing throwing from a very young age at Adult Education Centre, but the actual theoretical and practical knowledge I got at the Laitila Youth workshop as an apprentice of ceramist and painter Else Joutsi.

I make and design, mainly to order, tableware for different needs. I make food safe tableware. They can wash in dishwasher, heat in oven and microwave. There is signature ”Pie-La” in the bottom tableware and the year of manufacture. Customer gets with food safe ceramics the Declaration of Conformity, where is my contact information. My tableware follows the requirements of the regulations 1935/2004 (EY) and 165/2006 (KTM, Finland). My food safe ceramics don’t contain lead, chromium, nickel or cadmium.

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Uuniastia - Oven Dishes, 2004 Tuopit - Steins, 2004 Astiakokonaisuus näyttelyyn - Vessel Set for Exhibition, 2007 Kilpailuastia (Rautakauden astian moderni versio) - Dish for Competition (Modern Version of Iron Ages dish), 2005 Kilpailuastia (Rautakauden astian moderni versio) - Dish for Competition (Modern Version of Iron Ages dish), 2005 Jälkiruoka-astiasto - Dessert Dishes, 2003 Tuoppi - Stein, 2003 Osma-sarja - Osma-serie, 2005 Merenneitopikarit - Mermaid Goblets, 2007 Sarvituopit - Horn Steins, 2011 Kulhosarja - Bowl Serie, 2010 Kirahvipikarit (suunnittelu ja kuviointi: Minna Luntta, dreijaus: Piela Auvinen) - Giraffe Goblets (design and patterning: Minna Luntta, throwing: Piela Auvinen), 2011 Uuma-sarja, kämmenastia - Uuma(waist)-serie, palm vessel, 2011 Uuma-sarja, tuoppi - Uuma(waist)-serie, Mug, 2011 Kuvaava karhu -snapsilasit - Filming Bear -Shot Glasses, 2012 Uuniastia (8 vuoden jälkeen uudistuneina) - Oven Dishes, 2012 (After 8 years renewed version) Naamatuoppeja - Face Steins, 2013