Artistic misc

I have studied different fields of art making and handigraft from a very young age. Although pottery is my area of expertise and I focus on that, I want to widen my range and to get new ideas for ceramic work.
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The first time I painted with oil colors I was under school age in adults education centres group. I was with my mother in the adult group, where the graphic artist and teacher Merja Ala-Olla kept patiently teaching the not so patient girl painting and colors. Since then I’ve returned to painting and its techniques on frequent basis, just to keep them on my mind.


I have also studied basics of graphic arts in young age. The first job was an apple tree carved on linoleum in relief printing. In fact, I think i got this task to do on a painting course, because I had been so much faster than anyone else. Later came monotype, and various metal graphic methods, which I continue making from time to time.


My father tried to teach me about the operating principles of an film camera and photography when I was in primary school (age). I shot a lot of nature pictures at a young age. In Adult Educational Centre I studied the photographic processing. Photography however was forgotten until I bought a digital camera, age 20, and began to take an interest in photography again. Later my photography has been focused almost entirely on the product shootings despite of a few exceptions.


I became interested in the moving image only after the age 20, and I got a grant to make a documentary in 2005. Since then I have made minor edits and documentary clips of things and phenomena that interest me.

In drawing courses I have also been from a young age. I’ve been practicing mainly in life drawing; people on classes and animals at home. Drawing and sketching are important tools because designing and sculpting demands it. As a new sketching technique I’ve used 3D modeling on some modules.


Vector graphics based plexiglass cutting is a new technique I have done. I made a wall work (”Metamorphosis”) for Säkylä pharmacy, which consisted of 1 600 plexiglass pieces. Big work familiarized me to this new technique very closely.


I have practised different glass techniques in my studies; melting, bending, blowing, tiffany, stained glass, and different kinds of variations of the above. I was on internship in Nuutajärvi Lasikomppania in the summer of 2010, where I got a more detailed knowledge of glass-blowing and also attended a glass bead course. In glass-blowing I practised to work as an assistant and tried to keep the glass hotshop clean and tools in order. I practised glass bead making in the guidance of international glass bead artist Lea Swantz.


I include book binding, paper making and paper marbling in the same category. Everything is practiced and all are used afterwards on many occasions.


I did an internship at Smith Tervarauta workshop summer of 2009. I practiced and made mainly bronze jewels all summer. I also tried forging arrow tips. Besides blacksmith products I got to do few expretiments on my own. So I practiced a bronze object-making process from the wax modeling to a mold making and vacuum casting.


I think that even if the ceramic sculpting is a technique that is most important to me and which I would like to actively develop, it is important to learn other sculpting techniques. This way I also get new ideas.